Sitecore & Microsoft are Shacking Up

by + on April 19, 2011

We already knew that Sitecore has a tight relationship with Microsoft. The news from Dreamcore indicates that relationship is even getting cozier with Sitecore actually putting an office inside the mother ship at 1 Microsoft Way in Redmond, WA.

Beyond just living in sin together (too far?), Sitecore’s product development roadmap is clearly favoring even tighter integration with the Microsoft suite with a focus on MS Dynamics and Azure.

Not to mention playing nice with SharePoint, which appears to be a genuine commitment as they realized (the hard way likely) you can’t displace a beast like SharePoint, you can only befriend it. And good news for anyone doing heavy work with Sitecore and SharePoint: The SharePoint connector is being rebuilt to scale better. No commitment on the delivery date, but we were promised, it’s well underway, and “it looks good.”

All in all this is great news for organizations committed to the Microsoft platform.  I just hope it doesn’t come at the expense of significant investments to integrate with the broader marketing technology landscape. While there is certainly competitive overlap with organizations like SalesForce and Adobe, having them all work well together is a necessity for us marketers trying to put it all together.

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