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Want to Provide Customers Connected Experiences?

The new and enhanced features introduced at Sitecore Symposium 2014 help you orchestrate connected experiences for your customers.

  • AIDA: personalization, testing, marketing automation, and analytics
  • Experience Database: a full view of your customers' engagement
  • FXM: single view of customers across all your digital properties

These and more features were introduced with real-world case studies by major brands to hundreds of excited Sitecore developers and marketers at Symposium this September.

Read more about AIDA, Experience Database, and FXM


ISITE Design is Your Sitecore Partner in Providing Connected Experiences

ISITE Design boasts a seven-year partnership with Sitecore, two of the 119 global 2014 Sitecore MVPs, and a large in-house certified Sitecore practice group responsible for some of the biggest and most complex customer experience platform implementations in the world. We partner with organizations on digital strategy, customer experience, content management, and marketing optimization.

Want to provide your customers a connected experience, but aren't sure where to start? Contact us for a complimentary consultation on how you can put Sitecore 8 and FXM in place.

Sitecore Symposium 2014 Speaker

Sitecore Federated Experience Manager (“FXM”)

Brian Payne shared the stage with John Field, Sitecore Product Manager, at Sitecore Symposium in both Las Vegas and Barcelona, introducing FXM to the marketing and technology audience, and sharing real-life use cases and case studies.

Brian Payne, VP of Technology

Brian Payne

VP of Technology ISITE Design

Brian leads ISITE's engineering teams with a focus on large-scale CMS implementations.

View the slides on FXM from Sitecore Symposium

Accelerate Offering Connected Experiences

ISITE can help you orchestrate the best connected experience for all your customers across your marketing technology platformboth websites on Sitecore, and websites that are not. We can help you get started with Sitecore’s new features in order to provide a connected and personalized experience across all your customers' digital touchpoints.

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Our People and Passions

Sitecore, Community, and Thought Leadership

Kam Figy, 2013 & 2014 Sitecore MVP

A seasoned CMS engineer and co-organizer of the Portland Sitecore User Group, Kam helps solve some of the most complex technology and CMS challenges. As a senior architect he helps our 30+ person development team build systems that work for our clients.

Dave Peterson, 2014 Sitecore MVP

Senior Software Engineer and co-organizer of the Philadelphia Sitecore User Group, Dave is a passionate and proactive hands-on Certified Sitecore .NET Developer, committed to team success and mentoring of team members. He is also active in the ISITE-organized New England Sitecore User Group.

Sitecore governance white paper

Sitecore governance white paper

Sitecore's white paper on CMS governance shares the insight of digital industry veterans on how to avoid top "site-killer" disasters.The 14-page report by Sitecore features ISITE Design Co-founder, Jeff Cram. Download Content Management: The (New) Governance Manifesto white paper. 

ISITE Design Sitecore Expertise

Highlighted Client Partners


New England Biolabs


Wharton Executive Education

Moda Health

Moda Health

Banner Bank

Banner Bank



Air Products

Air Products

City of Cambridge

City of Cambridge

Mt. Hood Meadows

Mt. Hood Meadows


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Our Points of View

Wrangling Global Content Strategy

Learn how leading companies unify content strategy, technology platforms, and localization approach to deliver compelling digital experiences at scale to a global audience. (60 minute webinar)

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Planning for Personalization

ISITE Design's "Personalization JumpStart for Sitecore" engagement uses a proven approach to planning for personalization that will help you move your prospects to customers, and customers to loyal fans.

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The CMS Myth

The CMS Myth

Our CMS Mythbusters help organizations succeed with web content management. The CMS Myth blog is published by a group of interactive veterans that spend far too much time thinking about CMS.

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