Delightful OOO Messages

Eagerly Awaiting an OOO Message

Sounds strange, I know.  But I am.

I have a client who writes the most entertaining Out of Office messages.  I’ve watched him perfect his technique over the past year, and am thrilled to witness his creative evolution.  They started rather simply, just stating the facts in a clever, amusing way:

Delightful Out of Office Email


Months later he branched out into a “fun fact of the day” format that’s balanced with a good environmental message:


Delightful OOO message

Seriously, these OOO messages are the talk of our agency when this gentleman is out of the office.  We even joke about sending him a note when we know he’s out, just to receive the OOO message (don’t worry, we don’t actually do it).  It’s almost like a toy inside a box of cereal – you just never know what awesome surprise you’ll get!

Check this one out: humor, interesting fun facts, and a happy holiday wish to all of us trying to reach him.

Delightful Out of Office Email


These simple messages convey a lot of my client’s personality, both his sense of humor, as well as his acknowledgement that receiving an OOO when you’re trying to reach someone can be frustrating.  He’s softening the blow by entertaining me in his absence.  How thoughtful!

I was on summer holiday last week, and followed his example of writing an OOO note that gave the facts… and a little something more.  It was terribly fun researching ridiculous roadside attractions for my vacation locale, and then listing them in my OOO.  And receiving multiple responses from my clients appreciating my note was a nice surprise on my return! I suggest you give it a try too; when you’re back in the office you might find that your OOO message made someone’s day. 

I think I’ll send my client a note now… I think he might be out this week.  ;-)


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