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Summer Reading: Fifth and Final Edition

As summer comes to a close and the school year is just around the corner, we're sharing one last summer reading list to round out your summer on a high note. This week's suggestions come from from Jeff and John in the Boston office. Enjoy!

The Intention Economy: When Cutomers Take Charge Book CoverThe Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge Submitted by John Eckman
By Doc Searls

"This new landscape we’re entering is what Doc Searls calls The Intention Economy—one in which demand will drive supply far more directly, efficiently, and compellingly than ever before. In this book he describes an economy driven by consumer intent, where vendors must respond to the actual intentions of customers instead of vying for the attention of many."

The Technologists Book CoverThe Technologists Submitted by Jeff Cram
By Matthew Pearl

"Boston, 1868. The Civil War may be over but a new war has begun, one between the past and the present, tradition and technology. On a former marshy wasteland, the daring Massachusetts Institute of Technology is rising, its mission to harness science for the benefit of all and to open the doors of opportunity to everyone of merit."

Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty First CenturyGround Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty-First Century City Submitted by John Eckman
By Anna Minton

"Offering some surprising solutions, Anna Minton argues for an alternative, continental approach that celebrates shared space. Ultimately "Ground Control" presents a better, happier future for our communities, and our society."

Betterness: Economics for Humans Book CoverBetterness: Economics for Humans Submitted by Jeff Cram
By Umair Haque

"Betterness: Economics for Humans is a powerful call to arms for a post-capitalist economy. Umair Haque argues that just as positive psychology revolutionized our understanding of mental health by recasting the field as more than just treating mental illness, we need to rethink our economic paradigm."

Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking Book CoverCoding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking Submitted by John Eckman (Available November 25, 2012)
By Biella Coleman

"E. Gabriella Coleman tracks the ways in which hackers collaborate and examines passionate manifestos, hacker humor, free software project governance, and festive hacker conferences. Looking at the ways that hackers sustain their productive freedom, Coleman shows that these activists, driven by a commitment to their work, reformulate key ideals including free speech, transparency, and meritocracy, and refuse restrictive intellectual protections."

Share your thoughts on our picks -- and feel free to share some of your own -- in the comments below. Happy reading!


Stay tuned next week for some resources for the back-to-school madness!


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