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Portland Google Analytics User Group Posts 52.6% Conversion Rate

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Last night ISITE Design Portland hosted the second meeting of the Portland Google Analytics User Group. Since we’re all about tracking conversions here, we noted that we yielded a 52.6% conversion rate based on the 38 person RSVP list, with an intimate group of 20 Google Analytics enthusiasts.  Which was fitting, as the theme for the evening’s talks was Google Analytics Speed Dating, a series of round table discussions on various GA topics.  Each discussion table was hosted by a subject matter expert.

Google Analytics for Mobile

From ISITE Design’s own mobile development team, iOS Developer Tim Sears (@u2elan) hosted the table of “Text Me Baby: New Mobile Metrics from Google.”  As a developer, Tim discussed the implications and considerations for using the new version of the Google Analytics SDK for tracking native mobile apps.  He points out that the GA app tracking is extremely useful for tracking the screen flow as visitors are moving through and utilizing and app.  Other topics that came up included the difference between native app tracking vs. mobile web tracking, as well as other industry tools that can be used for tracking apps. 

Google Analytics User Group Meet Up Photo

Segments for Google Analytics

Coming from SwellPath (@swellpath), Mike Arnesen (@Mike_Arnesen) discussed and demonstrated the use of advanced segments and data filters within Google Analytics at the “Not My Type: Filters and Segments” circle.  As Senior Search Engine Optimization Analyst at SwellPath, Mike made sure to point out how both of these features can be used to analyze and segment traffic based on the search term a visitor used to get to your site. Mike and I geeked out over our shared excitement about Google Analytics’ new alphabetical sorting for Custom Advanced Segments. (It’s a huge time saver!) 

Google Analytics User Group Meet Up Photo

Social Media Marketing Uses for GA

One of the all-stars from ISITE Design’s Marketing Optimization team, Digital Optimization Strategist Amanda Bernard (@amandabernard) presented on “He Changed his FB Status…: Social Reports.”  The top takeaways and topics of interest from her discussions were utilizing Google Analytics to understand the real business value of social media marketing, also touching on the trend of social media tracking applications in multi-channel and multi-touch attribution modeling. 

Google Analytics User Group Meet Up Photo

A/B Testing

The #GAPDX user groups’ driving leader, Ryan Summers, played host for “Be my Wingman: A/B Testing.”  A big topic in this discussion was how

to get started with website testing using the free Google Content Experiments Tool.

Ryan helped to dispel the myth that website testing is too expensive.  He points out that although there are expensive solutions for website testing, an organization can easily can inexpensively get started optimizing their site and quickly demonstrate large lift in business goals.

Conversion Reports

I also hosted my own table discussion about “Put a Ring on It: Conversion Funnel Reports.”  We talked about the different types of funnel reports within GA, including both the Funnel Visualization Report and the Multi-Channel Funnels. 

The important takeaways for new users to GA are that goals must be configured to utilize these reports, but there are piles of insights waiting for the analyst once those conversion goals have been configured.

As with any good meetup, the group headed to the Lucky Labrador pub for a chance to discuss unanswered questions and socialize about other trends in the industry as we enjoyed one of Portland’s warm summer nights from the patio.

Stay tuned for more updates on our next Portland Google Analytics meetup and be sure to subscribe to our Day2 blog for more Google Analytics insights and best practices.

Google Analytics User Group Meet Up Photo


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