GAUGE Google Analytics Conference

3 Reasons to register for GAUGE Google Analytics conference RIGHT NOW

ISITE Design is a presenting partner of GAUGE conference this year, and we’re so excited to gather with some of the most enthusiastic Google Analytics professionals out there for 2 days of jam-packed discussions and workshops.

You may have noticed we speak at and attend events quite often, but this conference has us especially excited for a few different reasons:

1 – You won’t be talked at. Because the conference is presented by fellow Google Analytics Certified Partners (including ISITE Design), you’ll be able to learn from pros and peers in your community, and share your own insights and experiences. Unlike some sponsored conferences, GAUGE was organized by and for people truly passionate about exchanging ideas about the exciting things happening with Google Analytics, so we expect nothing less than an all-out jamboree of Googalytics geeks.

2 – You’ll see some new Google Analytics tools. Google Analytics for Mobile is in Beta, and we are lucky enough to be able to test it out on our PhotoBlast app. We’ll not only dive into reports from GAfM, but we’ll also compare to an old mobile analytics favorite, Flurry. If nothing else, you’ll probably get a good chuckle out of playing with PhotoBlast with all your new GAUGE friends.

3 – You save some green. Word to the wise: if you register before tomorrow, you can save up to $100 on your conference pass. That’s enough to enjoy a proper New England dinner of chowder, lobster, and even Boston Cream pie. (And trust us, you’ll be tempted, in a venue right on the Boston Harbor.)

In addition to leading a session on Google Analytics for Mobile, we'll also have sessions discussing using metrics to inform your content strategy, and Google Content Experiments. Our friends at Analytics Pros, Cardinal Path, and LunaMetrics have some stellar sessions of their own on the agenda -- check it out for yourself

Fun fact? GAUGE stands for Google Analytics Users’ Great Event. And we’re pretty sure it will be great, so we hope to see you there!

Check out some of our optimization insights and the work of our team on the Day2 blog.


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