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Power to the API

CCLI SongSelect

Only a few brave souls dare to dabble in the dark arts of Application Programming Interfaces. SongSelect recognized the opportunity of a powerful API to unlock its vast catalog of music to 75,000+ organizations around the world. Their mobile first, future-friendly platform should serve as an example to publishers of all kinds who want to better distribute and amplify great content. 

How SongSelect did it

Agency Tidbits

Geeky beach reads

ISITE Design beach reads

Cracking the spine on our favorite geek reads for the summer…Throwing open the doors to our new Boston space with neighbors and friends…Toasting Barbara Holmes’ promotion to Director of UX…Getting muddy at the Doernbecher Softball Tournament…Taking Google Virtual Tours for a spin…Treating new Boston Managing Director John Eckman to a big vegan cupcake … Finding the right keyword phrase to celebrate our Google AdWords certification… Admiring the squeaky clean new SOLVE website… Leveraging analytics for optimized content…Making the case for WordPress at WordCamp...Continuing to build a culture of content

Below the Fold

Sketchy Cats

I want to draw a cat for you

Some days all you really need is a pick-me-up, but ice cream sundaes are unhealthy and retail therapy can only go so far. Luckily, Shark Tank entrepreneur Steve Gadlin has unveiled the ultimate in personalized delight for just such days: Cat Drawings. The self-proclaimed simpleton will draw any particular cat you describe, for less than a glass of fine wine. Or sign up for the Cat Drawing Club for monthly surprises created just for you. What could be more delightful?

What kind of cat do you want?

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