SolarWorld Americas

SolarWorld Americas

SolarWorld Americas increases conversion by 200% with audience segmentation and geo-targeted landing pages

SolarWorld Americas is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the U.S providing solar energy solutions to both consumers and businesses. SolarWorld partnered with ISITE Design to improve the performance of its website with landing page optimization and multivariate testing. As part of its Day2 optimization services, ISITE Design helped SolarWorld optimize and test new landing pages that improved conversion by 200% and increased qualified leads by 46%.

Segmented Multi-Step Experiences Lift Conversion

SolarWorld has several key target audiences including consumers, businesses and installers. While its sometimes possible to identify the audience from the campaign source, a large percentage of visitors are unidentifiable. ISITE Design helped SolarWorld put a two-step landing experience (pictured below) in place that first asked visitors to self-identify. Upon selecting their segment, the visitors would be directed to a form appropriate for their needs. The more targeted experiences increased the overall conversion rate and helped with its goal of getting more qualified leads. 

SolarWorld Americas

Pre-Populated Zipcodes Increase Lead Quality and Conversions

SolarWorld installation services are only offered to specific geographies and require visitors to enter their location in order to determine if an installation is available. In order to reduce friction in the landing experience, we created an initial landing page with a single zipcode field (pictured below). To maximize the click-through, we used geo-targeting to identify visitors based on their IP and pre-populate the zip code. This significantly increased the number of people that would click through to the next step and avoided having visitors fill out a longer form in its entirety before knowing if installation was even an option in their area. 

SolarWorld Americas


Ongoing Optimization with Multivariate Testing

The largest volume of pay-per-click traffic for SolarWorld was from home owners and the majority of the traffic went through a single landing page. Multivariate testing (MVT) was used to test different combinations of elements on the page. This included the hero images, form fields, form alignment, copy length, and a number of other factors.SolarWorld Americas MVT helped SolarWorld not only determine the winning combination, but also learn which specific elements contrinbuted the most to successful conversions.


Learn more about the Day2 Optimization Program

SolarWorld achieved breakthrough results as a result of ISITE Design’s Day2 optimization services. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about Day2 and how testing and optimization can help your business thrive.  

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How great to see this kind of success. I wonder if lessons learned through this campaign will spill out to other areas of the site, such as prepopulating any Zip Code entry field anywhere on the site.

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