Getting Started with the Analysis Exchange

Pairing Passion: Getting Started with the Analysis Exchange

I just received confirmation that I am about to start my first project with the Analysis Exchange.  Haven't heard of it yet?  You will.  Read on.

The good folks over at Web Analytics Demystified started this program in order to help non-profit and non-governmental organizations leverage their web analytics data while also educating the growing army of new talent in the web analytics industry.  The idea is to pair these organizations with an individual who is passionate about honing his or her skills with web analytics.  

In their words, "The Analysis Exchange is an effort to dramatically increase the number of people on Earth doing web analytics the right way."  That's a mission statement we (my Day2 cohorts and I) stand behind.

Each organization gets a thorough analysis of their web analytics data and configuration.  In turn, each student gets hands-on experience analyzing and learning how to find insights with current and relevant web analytics data.  Seasoned web analytics veterans (individuals looking to give back to the analytics community, spread the word about the power of web analytics, and contribute to the education of the next generation of web analytics) are involved as mentors on each project.  

In order to participate, an organization must specify a web analytics project.  A list of currently open projects can be found on the Analysis Exchange website.  There are many possible project ideas, ranging from social media tracking or e-commerce funnel analysis to campaign landing pages or site redesigns.  

Students and mentors can apply for any open projects they find interesting, and are selected by the organizations.   Members can participate remotely from around the world; current project locations include the United States, England, Sweden, Spain, Germany, and New Zealand!

It is then up to the student to perform the analysis for the specific project focus (with support from the mentor).  Results are shared at the end of each three-week project.

The best part of the program? It’s entirely free, and still accepting new applicants and projects.

I think this is a fantastic program that provides incredible growth opportunities for all parties involved.  I am excited to commence my first project because I enjoy helping organizations achieve and measure their digital goals.  I also just enjoy web analytics.

What do you think of this concept? What other programs have you seen that are paying it forward in the web analytics community?


Allen is a member of the optimization and measurement group at ISITE Design, Day2. Find out more about the Day2 program and subscribe to our blog to stay tuned for more updates on his experience. 


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