Healthcare Experience Design Conference 2012

Improving Health, Disrupting Healthcare

The intersection of healthcare and design is a rapidly evolving space. Personal health devices and the vast amounts of data they collect and transmit are breaking down the walls between provider, physician, and patient. I recently took a trip out to Boston to check out some perspectives on the changing landscape at the Healthcare Experience Design Conference on March 26th.

Keynotes by Stonyfield Farm “CE-Yo” Gary Hirschberg and AllergyKids founder/author Robyn O’Brien set the tone for the conference, priming the audience for a new healthcare paradigm by establishing the link between food, disease and the need for greater transparency in labeling.
Boston - March 2012

But the real signature moment belonged to new United States Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park. When a government official can fire up a crowd about the potential for change, it kind of makes you want to pinch yourself. That was the feeling when Park told the audience that we are in a ‘classic disruptive moment’ in the healthcare industry. An entrepreneur and innovator at heart, Park is using his new role to develop a platform that will enable others to create change. The Health Data Initiative, a collection of publicly-available tools, information and applications gathered from agencies across the federal government, promises to do just that. Highlights of the program include:

  • – a shout out to individuals or companies working on innovative solutions to health problems
  • Health 2.0 Developer Challenge – resource for government competitions, code-a-thons, and events
  • The Health Datapalooza – A festival of awesomeness? An American Idol-style bakeoff contest? We’ve never heard a government representative talk like this – and we love it!

As experience designers with deep expertise in healthcare, we agree that the time is ripe for design to change the way we experience health. Here’s a snapshot of some of the latest work we’ve done for healthcare clients:

  • Designed and built eCommerce platform and single-system  information architecture for east coast medical laboratory
  • Provided Design and User Experience consultation for regional health plan provider, to launch online bill pay service (read about it here)
  • Created a one-stop-shop for patients with neurological disorders, linking information, resources and access to over 20 specialty clinics and departments

We can’t wait to explore the possibilities behind what Park deems the “chaotic playground” of open data to continue delivering rich healthcare experiences. 

[Photo courtesy of Eilidh Dickson]


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