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Sitecore Site of the Year

Our work with the City of Cambridge unified the tech-savvy city on new CMS and introduced a new mobile app to track everything from potholes to rodents. The efforts have been recognized by CIO Magazine and awarded Best Government Site of the Year from Sitecore. Whew. With MIT and Harvard in our backyard, the stakes were high. 

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Agency Tidbits

Future Friendly

Future Friendly

Talking about mobile and a Future Friendly world in our upcoming webinar…Looking for the next ISITE star in the coolest internship program in Portland…Sharing CMS insights in a Sitecore webinar to save you from site killers…Teaching Suffolk students about Bridging the Gap during the Careers in Digital Media Conference… Hosting the brightest developers in Boston at our monthly Sitecore user group meetup… Welcoming Ruby Lee Bascue to ISITE PDX munchkinland…Discussing the healthcare marketing revolution with AdAge…Reveling in the relaxation of our new in-office yoga program...Celebrating the 100th birthday of Fenway Park

Below the Fold

What, you can't open it?

Document Corrupter

Sometimes even the best efforts fall short of an impending deadline. If only you could buy a little more time. While we don't endorse the product, Document Corrupter provides a creative, albeit unscrupulous option. This inventive tool helps you accidentally-on-purpose send your half-finished work in an un-openable form so your recipient will never be the wiser. By the time they request a new file, you’ll be ready to go. Hopefully. 

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