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Looking Ahead to 2027

January is a big month for our agency. This Friday we open our doors to the Portland community for the grand opening of our new headquarters. There’s still time to RSVP if you’d like check out the digs and help us eat and drink our way through the night.

As part of the celebration, we’ll be creating a time capsule. In recognizing our first 15 years in business, we want to preserve some memories and make some digital predictions for what 2027 has in store. We’ll lock it up at the event and permanently store it in our office with a small sign/plaque designating its place. To be opened January 20, 2027.

This is where all of you come in. Folks attending the event are invited to contribute an item to the time capsule with a focus on how digital impacts our lives today.

Some ideas on what you can contribute: 

  • A letter to 2027 you describing digital life today and predictions for a wired world 15 years later
  • For folks in the business: Sketches and ideas on what the digital agency of the future may look like?
  • Objects/devices of the era (that you are willing to part with)
  • A magazine or collection of blog posts that represent today
  • A great piece of schwag
  • USB drive with digital artifacts of today
  • A book with a defining point of view for the era
  • Other items you think will be interesting reminders of 2012 15 years from now

We’ll have the box setup near the entrance for you to contribute as you come into the event. For those of you not attending the event, leave a comment with ideas for what we can put in.

Some general guidelines:

  • The focus of the time capsule is on digital and agency life, but feel free to include broader cultural markers of our era if they feel relevant
  • The box is 31”w by 18”l and 12”d, so keep the objects on the smaller side. We may get a larger box if needed, so if you have something awesome, bring it in.
  • Feel free to add your name to items, or contribute anonymously

We look forward to seeing you all at the event. 



Ill bring some fruit.
Great idea ISite. Love this idea. I'm in New Zealand for the winter so I can't make it there - but would love to see what makes it into the box. Some thoughts of what to drop in there: (I don't work at an Agency so sorry if I am off the mark!) - Ipad, Iphone, Android device - Twitter, Facebook Feeds of today - drop a netbook in - I think we might laugh at that 15 years from now! Future? - wow - no concrete idea beside, more data, smaller devices, more processing power, more content, more connecting on exact levels, targeting that we'd only dream of 15 years ago! Cheers to you ISite - great newsletter and thanks for doing this.
Thanks for your comments Sean! In New Zealand for the winter, eh? Some people have it so rough! ;o) Social feeds would definitely make for some very amusing fodder to revisit in 15 years! We'll have to think about committing a netbook to the capsule, but it's an interesting idea :o) Thanks for the kind words -- we really appreciate the support! You'll have to swing by the new digs when you're back Stateside. Safe travels!

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