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Building blog

Unless you were under a rock last full moon, you probably know we bought a building for our new Portland headquarters. Demolition started last month and we put up a blog to capture the sights, sounds and stories along the way. We'll be posting pictures, videos and tidbits during the entire journey. And you'll never believe what we found painted on one of the walls. Think: Portlandia.

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Agency Tidbits

Hardware Haul

Lighthouse Award

Dusting off the shelf for our new Lighthouse Award...Rapping on social search with Stefan Weitz at Online Marketing Summit... Putting .EDU digital strategy to the test at eduWEB in San Antonio…Bringing international CSS expertise to the desktops of designers…Cultivating the #bestwordcampever with some WordPress all-stars in Boston…Sharing the San Mateo County Library story with some bookworms at ALA 2011… Welcoming beautiful Perrin Lily Craig to the ISITE 2.0 family…Lighting up the small screens with Gene Ehrbar as our new Director of Mobile Solutions… Accepting the 92-stair challenge during a PDX elevator overhaul

Below the Fold

Brand Visualization

What would your company look like if it were a toy? Oh, if we had a nickel for everytime we asked ourselves that question. The folks at BrandZ devised a buzz-sourcing tool to objectively create a toy that visualizes your brand based on characteristics like familiarity, charisma and potential. The colorful critter you create can even be printed in 3D to creep out folks in your office.

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