Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground

After 23 months of searching, we have finally found the future home for our agency headquarters in Portland, Oregon.  

In one of the more significant moments in our 14-year history, we purchased an 18,000 sq. ft. building in Northwest Portland. Demolition began last week on a 4-5 month project to transform the former fitness club into a creative hub for the next chapter of our growth.

We did not begin the process thinking we would purchase a building. Far from it.

Looking at potential locations, we came to realize that as our digital world becomes more virtual, the physical spaces we collaborate in are more important than ever. Looking at traditional office locations, we were not finding spaces that would create the type of environment we wanted to provide our employees.

We also wanted to cement our roots in the city of Portland, while continuing to open up new strategic hubs like Boston around the world. The creativity and culture of the Pacific Northwest has helped fuel our growth and played a big role in shaping our core values as an agency.

We saw the potential for something special when we came across the space at 2025 Overton. With its soaring ceilings, open floor plan and fantastic location, we saw an opportunity to create a location where employees, clients and members of the community could come together to think, collaborate, build and grow.

The construction project over coming months is both ambitious and exciting. Spearheaded by our COO, Kevin Mackie, we’re working to create a space that is uniquely ISITE.

What does this mean?

Our goal is to create an office that offers spontaneous areas of collaboration and rethinks the function of common areas. We’re building out specific rooms to encourage more free thinking ideas and break away from the traditional confines of the corporate conference room.

A community room will provide dedicated space for ongoing professional development, as well as extend to local groups for meetings and user groups. Our goal is to open our home to the community and contribute to the bustling local technology and marketing scene.  

There’s plans to bring in some touches from home like a fireplace to make the space comfortable for both work and play.  We’ll be hanging a deck off of one of our creative spaces which should foster plenty of evening BBQs and off-the-clock shop talk.

We’re even scouting out shipping containers to add a little industrial edge to the space.

There are many more ideas in the works that we look forward to sharing with you along the way. We’re planning for a November move-in date and will be creating a blog to share the sights and sounds as they unfold. Time lapse cameras are in place and you'll get a front row seat to the action. You can bet on an open house gala sometime after the first of the year.

We’re excited about what the future holds for the next chapter of our agency’s growth and look forward to having you all along for the journey.


You *purchased* office space? Seriously? Clearly you haven't seen Jason Fried's TED talk:
Hi FreddyG - We're big fans of Jason and the his Rework point of view. Love their office as well We love Portland and want to be here for the long haul. Drinks on us if you want to attend the grand opening.
Congrats! Eager to hear about ISITE's Boston new turf too! Howard messageAMP
Thanks Howard. I hope to have something to announce shortly on that front too. Fingers crossed. Jeff
congrats on the new building.
I want an invite to the officewarming party, okay? Congrats Paul and everyone!! Alohas!
Awesome news.Congratulations!
Welcome, new neighbors =) I live in the condo building right across the street, been hoping that your new space would be put to good use. And I see that it has! Very exciting.

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