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Built With Sitecore


Hundreds of Sitecore CMS enthusiasts swarmed Boston last week for its first annual Dreamcore user conference. Our brand new agency Sitecore blog launched at the event and the team managed to hammer out hundreds of tweets and 15 blog posts. All this while still finding time for the after parties! Now that’s dedication.

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Agency Tidbits

Hammering Hank

Hank Aaron

Launching with Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron and Genzyme… Hosting packed Sitecore meetup at Boston’s Rattlesnake Bar… Congratulating Melissa Utz and Jaden Johnston on well deserved promotions… Wrapping up slides for preso with Lou Rosenfeld and Jeffrey MacIntyre at J.Boye Philly 2010… Celebrating Portland Werewolf’s 3rd Anniversary… Watching Tufts alums light the virtual hill… Wrapping up development on major Ektron-powered site.

Below the Fold

The One Word Website


In a tweet heard ‘round the tech journalism world, the AP Stylebook officially declared that “Web site” is now “website.” The change from two words to one is official in the online stylebook, and will be included in the next print edition. While many are wondering what took the AP so bloody long, others such as David Pogue of the NY Timeswere more of a wet blanket. Or should we say wetblanket?

More on the AP decision

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