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Pushing Pixels

Wheels When You Want Them


Owning a car is so 2004. After many moons of hard work, ISITE and Zipcar rolled out a stunning new website. The smart, simple and fun new site showcases Zipcar’s rapidly growing car-sharing service. ISITE Portland digs the stylish Mini MamaMia while Cambridge tackles the elements in Outback Oregon.

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Agency Tidbits

An Olan Mills Moment


Snapping some festive Polaroids at Portland potluck…Plotting a new internal collaboration system…Digging out from snow and ice storms…Breaking out the trombonefor Zipcar launch parade…Searching for the perfect technical architect in Boston.

Below the Fold

From Projectiles to Parades


While 2008 was chock-full of meaningful work at ISITE, it was fascinating to look back at the memes that captured the hearts and minds of our eclectic web team. Between desk sabotage, flying Rice Krispy Treats and festive parades, we truly had it all last year. In a season rife with ‘best of’ lists, we took a swipe at our own list of Best ISITE Memes for 2008.

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