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Monster Metrics

Moving Beyond Google?

ppc champion

Google, the champ in PPC advertising, is far from being a washed-up chump. But AdWords clicks are down. And despite its hedge in acquiring DoubleClick, competing ad networks – spreading like kudzu – are poised to siphon away Google ad dollars. Could a spending shift crimp Google's style?

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Agency Tidbits

Extending 2.0 to the Enterprise

Spreading the Enterprise 2.0 gospel at Boston KM Forum… Reigniting our journalism bug with new NYC publisher project…Welcoming Spring in Anchorage with the Alaska Travel Industry Association…Adding flair to BOS office so creative team feels at home on trip East for HOW Design Conference …Packing the SPF 45+ and suitcase full of ROI anecdotes for CMO conference in Sunshine State.

Below the Fold

Is That a Scam or a Business Plan?


It may just be our Tax Day hangover talking, but it seems harder than ever to hang on to your money. We can’t call off the IRS big dogs, but helps with warnings on annuity hucksters, credit card fraudsters, and other scammers. The crooks’ creativity knows no bounds: now they’re after your stimulus check from Uncle Sam.


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