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Monster Metrics

What's Your Conversion Rate?


The Fireclick index reports that overall website conversion rates are at 2.1% and that 72% of users are abandoning shopping carts. While we tirelessly advocate to benchmark against your own metrics, it's only human nature to see if you're keeping up with the Joneses.

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Agency Tidbits

Tribal Confederation 2.0

Grabbing Infoworld headlines for Grand Ronde project… Moderating a metrics melee in Boston… Orienting ISITE Design newbies Ryan Summers (analytics specialist) and John Davis (project manager)… Preparing to debunk the CMS Myth at Synergy 2007… Getting our higher ed groove on with the Peralta Colleges and Arcadia University.

Below the Fold

Is the Pen Cheaper Than the Sword?

Don't be the chump that shells out $200+ for a pompous Mont Blanc when you can wield the same power for less than 20 clams. All it takes is a trip to Office Depot, twelve steps and a little ingenuity.

Make your Own Mont Blanc

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